Priorities Committee Policies

You may have heard about some treatments being "low priority". This is decided following an in depth review of the evidence about how effective and how safe a treatment is and a discussion of this by members of the Priorities Committee.

The committee has many members including Consultants, GPs, Public Health Consultants, Pharmacists, Patients, Commissioners, legal advisers and ethical advisers.

If something is classed as "low priority" it is felt that NHS resources could have more benefit if it were used for another treatment instead. Visit the Berkshire East Individual Funding Requests website for more information

EPPC Policies

Slough CCG Medinces and Prescribing - EPPC Policies in About us

EPPC Policy 4 Treatment of dental pain and infections

Policy 5 Guidance on prescribing of medicines that are availbable to purchase for minor aliments

Policy 6 Travel Vaccines EPPC Statement

Policy 7 Repeat prescription duration

EPPC Policy 8 Gluten Free Policy

EPPC Policy 9 Silk Garments Policy

Policy10 Company Representative and Code of Practice

Policy 11 Woundcare Formulary Group

Policy 12 Prescribing of best value option when multiple equivalent products are available following patent expiry

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