Slough CCG, along with Bracknell and Ascot CCG and Windsor, Ascot & Maidenhead CCG are committed to working together to deliver high quality, affordable healthcare which delivers excellent patient experience and improved health outcomes.

Our aim is to commission person centred and integrated care, particularly for those most frail and vulnerable in our communities. The emerging Frimley Sustainability and Transformation Plan provides an exciting opportunity to work with a range of partners to realise system level changes that ensure the long term sustainability of the health and care sector in both East Berkshire and across the Frimley STP footprint.

For more information, see our Commissioning Intentions document.


Our Operating Plan 2016/17 outlines our vision and strategic objectives. Click below to download our Operating Plan for 2016/17.


Click below to download our refreshed version of our commissioning intentions for 2018-19


Click below to download our two year plan for 2014/2016


Our Five-Year Plan - We have been working on a strategy for the next five years. The information below provides a summary of the approach and the sections of the strategy.

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In developing the strategy, we have been listening to what local people say about local health services and setting out how we expect services to change so the experience is better in the future. The table below sets out some of the common experiences we hear from patients on the left and on the right how we intend to change the experience in the future:

2014 Compared to 2019

In 2014:

  • I do not understand what I should do to manage my health

  • I can’t get hold of my GP

  • When I see my GP, we talk about why I am ill today but not how to make me well

  • My GP refers me to a hospital and the waiting lists are very long for an appointment

  • My physical and mental health needs are dealt with separately

  • Health and social services do not talk to each other

  • I have more drugs in my cupboard than Boots

  • I fell suddenly ill so called an ambulance and went straight to A&E

  • A&E is the only place to go in a crisis

  • I have waited for five months for my operation

  • I see my elderly mum get frailer and frailer, and I am very worried

  • My child has severe learning difficulties and is in residential care a long way away from home

In 2019:

  • I have all the information I need and am exercising and eating well

  • I took my child to see the GP on Friday night

  • My GP understands me and helps me manage my health through a shared care plan

  • My GP referred me to one of the other GPs who I saw the next day

  • The NHS recognises my complex needs and organises a coherent response

  • Social services have agreed to help me as part of my care plan

  • My drugs have been reviewed as they were concerned I was taking too many

  • The ambulance came and the paramedic treated me there and then

  • It is great not to have to go to A&E and wait for hours

  • I didn’t have to wait long for my operation and was out in a day

  • As a carer, I know the warning signs and am aware how I can help

  • My child is now much closer to home

What are the challenges we face?

  • 143,000 people are registered with local GPs.
  • Our population is older and life expectancy is increasing - 13% more people over 65 and 27% more people over 85 in 5 years time.
  • In the next five years the population of children under 16 will grow by 9%.
  • The number of people with long term conditions is growing and these people need more support.

Don’t forget the money… We have a budget of £150m to spend on hospital and community health services. If we do nothing, the gap between the money we have and the needs of the population will grow each year. This gap could be £36m by 2019.

Download more information about the challenges ahead


What do we plan to do?

We have started to plan changes which we believe will support people to stay healthy and independent for as long as possible. If we can deliver all these we believe we will be able to manage the following within our budget:

  • Develop Primary Care with GP practices open 7 days a week.
  • Integrate community teams supporting people with long term conditions.
  • More clear division between hospital based A&E and urgent care centres.
  • Improve efficiency for booked operations and procedures in hospital.
  • Bring specialist care closer to home
  • Raise awareness with public to encourage shared responsibility

Download more information about the 20 initiatives in the plan


Better working with social care

People with complex needs often find it hard to navigate the many different services available.

We are working with the Slough Borough Council to set up a fund to support children and older people which will be called the Better Care Fund and will include NHS money and social care money. This fund will be used to integrate services and make them easier to use for local people and for their GPs.

The intention of the Better Care Fund is to provide better coordinated care. This will mean people will be supported to stay healthy and independent at home and avoid hospital as much as possible.

More information about the Better Care Fund will be available in due course.

What about plans for local hospitals?

Heatherwood and Wexham Park NHS Foundation Trust is working with Frimley Park NHS Foundation Trust on merger plans that will see the acquisition of HW&WP by FPH. This requires formal plans to be submitted to the Department of Health and Monitor who will decide if they should go ahead. The plans will include outline plans for the new surgical centre on Heatherwood Hospital site. More information will be made available here as plans develop.

How will we achieve this?

  • By working with other organisations.
  • By listening to patients and involving them in projects as they go forward.
  • By working with clinicians who have daily contact with patients.
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