Slough CCG have been approved to enter into primary care joint co-commissioning arrangements with NHS England.

This means that CCGs will have more say in local decisions, jointly with NHS England, about how primary care services are commissioned for their local populations.

For more information on our vision view Slough's Primary Care Strategy


Whilst there are similarities in healthcare needs across the country, each area has different challenges and needs within it. CCGs have a good knowledge of their local populations needs through their involvement with Health and Wellbeing Boards, local practices and patient and public engagement.

Sharing this responsibility with NHS England will mean that the needs of the local population will be taken into account and any engagement of people within the local area is linked to co-commissioning ensuring patients, communities and clinicians have more involvement in determining their local health care services for the future.

Click for information about primary care co-commissioning.

Vision of Primary Care in Slough

Slough is transforming the way in which general practice is delivered for its diverse population by taking bold steps with our community so that primary care is a positive experience that leaves people happy, listened to, empowered and supported.

What will we change?

  • Improve access to primary care services, extending over 7 days
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Develop our PRG groups to take a leadership role
  • Develop general practice teams to embrace change
  • Support our community to support each other
  • Enable General Practice to work at scale
  • To work with our local schools to educate children about health and health services. To spread the word through families
  • Promote Health and prevent ill health. Focus on our children who attend A&E more than they should do
  • Enable early diagnosis of caner, diabetes and other long term conditions
  • Develop pathways for patients to enable them to receive the right care at the right time in the right place. Use the benefit of the Better Care Fund to really operate our health system as one.
  • Increase the number of people who are able to self-manage their health in relation to long term conditions and minor illnesses.
  • Make Slough an attractive place for clinicians to work by developing a GP traineeship model with the Deanery
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