GPs and patients working together within the NHS to continually improve the health of Slough and healthcare services and making the best use of taxpayers’ money.

Our Values

  • Reliable, trustworthy and respected
  • Transparent and accountable - Nolan Principles
  • Innovative – using best practice/evidence based
  • Community focused on population needs
  • Efficient and effective


Focused on improving our patients’ health and experience of health services through

  • Education; supporting our patients to make healthy choices and to understand and take control of their own illness
  • Listening: using patient experience and feedback to improve care locally
  • Communicating: giving clear and consistent message about our services

GPs working together to deliver high quality services consistently in the community through:

  • Education: supporting every practice to deliver consistently the best quality primary care
  • Listening: using real experiences of services to continuously improve services
  • Collaborating: working with hospital doctors to deliver the best range of services across the area

Delivering a comprehensive range of high quality services based on the best practices which:

  • Supports patients within the community, working to keep patients well and at home
  • Delivers real integration between health and care services
  • Ensures a viable and stable local hospital
  • Ensuring a financially stable health economy through:
    • Improving services according to best practice
    • Commissioning service effectively with our strategic partners where this maximises the benefits for our patients
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