Across Windsor, Ascot, Maidenhead, Slough and Bracknell Forest, we are setting up a Patient Panel to advise and work with the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in a variety ways.

We would like the group to be representative of our local population, which means we want people of all ages, gender, faith and ethnicity, all levels of ability including sensory and learning disabilities as well as a good geographic spread.

We would like the Patient Panel to work with us in developing our plans, the information we provide and how to ensure our messages reach everyone. We know that everyone’s experiences are different and it is important that we understand the full range of experience.

You may be interested in giving lots of time, attending meetings and reading lots of documents. You may be someone who has only a little time to offer and would prefer to give feedback when specifically asked and in a more structured way. We anticipate there will be opportunities for all.

In all cases, your personal experience and knowledge is extremely helpful, but equally important is your ability to think about how others will be affected by a particular project or change in the way we work. We can’t talk to everyone living in the area and so your friends’, family, neighbours’ and colleagues’ experiences and views can be shared. It is important that members of this panel are willing and keen to work together in a way that respects each other and recognises that there may be different views that need to be expressed and supported.

How the Panel will work

The patient panel is made up of representatives from across the three CCGs in east Berkshire. This group of individuals can look at the various projects available and choose which to be involved in. Once that group is established, the individual will work directly with that group.

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