Most member practices in the CCG have a Patient Participation Group.

Patient Participation Groups are working together with GPs to improve services and to promote health and improved quality of care.

If you would like to become a member of your practice's patient group, contact the practice manager at your surgery. He or she will explain how you can become involved.

Patient Participation Groups consist of a group of patients and practice staff who meet at regular intervals to decide ways of making a positive contribution to the continual improvement of services and facilities offered by the practice. The PPG also encourages the voice of the patient population to be heard.

Every GP practice has a PPG but they all work in different ways. Many will have their own notice board in the practice, some help write the practice newsletter, survey patients about their experience of being a patient at the practice or run events to support patient education or raising awareness about health related issues.

Would you like to get involved and join your PPG?

If you are a patient of the practice and are prepared to share your views in a constructive way to help improve the practice then you will be welcome.

Being involved in a ppg will involve some time commitment on your part. 

Another way to get involved is to agree to receive occasional questionnaires from your practice. For this kind of involvement, a practice may suggest you join their "Patient Reference Group." Practice patient groups can use their voice to influence the healthcare decisions of the CCG.

PPG Awareness Week 6-11 June 2016

GP Practices across Slough held an Open Day on the 9th June to encourage patients to help make a difference and join their GP patient group. The objective was to help create awareness of the important work that PPGs do, and encourage other patients and carers to sign up and join in. On the day, patients were also be asked to complete a short survey about how local health services can be improved.

For more information, visit the Keeping Well in Slough Open Day page.

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