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As a CCG we work with various other partners, across health, social care and the voluntary sector to improve local health services for our population. This section highlights some of the key projects we are working on which may interest you. Some of these projects may have opportunities for you to get involved.

Life can be tough! If school is pants, you’re trying to figure out who you are and parents are stressing you out… then why wouldn’t you feel down on the world? But that’s rubbish if it means you feel bad about yourself, lose confidence or can’t bounce back.

The Nursing Vision Programme kicked off in 2015 following a facilitated workshop with senior nursing leaders and front line members of staff from across the three CCGs in east Berkshire, acute care, community and mental health, primary care, third sector, and the nursing professional body. The objective was to identify a collective Nursing Vision for across Berkshire.

The contract for services provided at Slough Walk in Centre at Upton Park hospital expired in December 2015. An extension to this contract was provided for 18 months and expires in June 2017.

The NHS organisations in east Berkshire and Chiltern are working together with their local authorities to deliver an ambitious new model of care that integrates care around each individual and supports them to maximise their independence.

To provide the best possible care, health and social care professionals need the most up to date information about you. Sharing electronic medical records with others that care for you will make your healthcare safer and more efficient.

Slough CCG, Bracknell & Ascot CCG and Windsor, Ascot & Maidenhead CCG are currently reviewing stroke services in the area, with the intention to improve outcomes for patients following a stroke.

Caring for a relative, friend or partner is a role that many of us will take on at some point in our lives. The number of carers is growing as more people are living longer, often with complex support needs.

Why is the mental health of young people such a key priority?

The flu vaccination is one of the most effective ways to be protected from flu and reduces risk of serious illness, hospitalisation and even death amongst those who are at most risk.

Working together with the community to increase awareness, deliver health promotion activities, encourage prevention and early diagnosis.

Slough CCG and Macmillan Cancer Support have embarked on a new joint partnership programme to improve breast cancer screening and increase uptake rates.

Asthma Care - Making a difference through focused communication and monitoring

Tackling cardiovascular disease in East Berkshire!

Practices in Slough have been successful with a bid to be part of the national pilot of Clinical Pharmacists working in GP Practices.

Slough CCG is proud to bring Puffell to the people of our Borough. Puffell is created to help us all to be healthier and happier.

Open Up About Medicines and help your local NHS reduce medicines waste and save money.

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