The documents have been produced to support the project:

Turning the Vision into Reality


The New Model of Care in detail


"The Programme so far" - A Presentation from Governing Body Meeting (January 2016)


Background documents used for briefing the design workshop participants:

Background Documents

Feedback from interviews in advance of the first design workshop

Emerging trends in care for older people

Record of the Design Workshops:

Design Workshop Record

Record of the first design workshop (26th March 2015) in slides

Record of the second design workshop (30th April 2015) in slides

Professor John Young's presentation in slides

Record of the third design workshop (28th May 2015) in slides

Public Workshop summary reports:

Public Workshop summary reports

Public Workshop summary reports

Survey results:

  • Click here to read the results of the first survey
  • Click here to view the results of the second survey
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