The Clinical working group reviewed research performed by the lead GP on this activity which included existing professional, patient and parental information from a number of national bodies.

Slough Asthma Film


With the support of the programme manager, the Clinical Working Group developed a film story board for a short film on childhood asthma.

The film is currently shown in GP practices, children centres and the Children's department at Wexham Park Hospital. The video covers:

  • How the lungs work
  • What is asthma and its effects
  • Asthma treatment and types of inhalers
  • How to use and care for your inhaler

Community Asthma Nurses

Patients and health professionals have access to specialist paediatric respiratory nurses in the community who will:

  • Work across the community and hospital setting
  • Perform patient reviews before discharge from hospital
  • Follow up after an admission with a visit, or if a child ‘did not attend’ (DNA) a practice asthma review appointment and perform home visits
  • Deliver patient and parent asthma education sessions
  • Provide education and advice to GPs, community nurses and school nurses

Health Professionals Education & Training

Practice Visits:

The review of practice data identified criteria for a practice visit .This included:

High emergency admissions for child asthma, low levels of asthma reviews completed and high inhaler prescribing rates, especially where a number of patients prescribed > 12 inhalers in a year

The lead clinicians who made up the asthma working group arranged practice visits. The approach was 'how can we help you meet the Slough Vision' and so the scope of the visit covered:

  • Practice audit data
  • Reviewing existing asthma management planning / policies
  • Identification / agreement on who is the named asthma Lead –GP and / or Nurse
  • British Thoracic Society guidelines / Asthma UK toolkit e.g. My asthma plans
  • Improving practice nurse skill set through their completion of Health Education England (HEE) diplomas in asthma management

Primary Care Educational sessions – These were developed in collaboration with Hospital Clinical Specialist where the agenda covered:

  • Slough asthma project
  • Acute management of Asthma
  • Inhaler technique
  • Diagnosis: getting it right
  • Difficult asthma

The two educational events were well received by over 100 attendees (GPs and nurses).

Paediatric Asthma Template

The asthma working group redesigned the existing EMIS asthma template that is used to record Asthma reviews. It was redesigned with a paediatric viewpoint with the following key upgrades to ensure the recording of:

  • Diagnosis: 1J70- suspected asthma
  • Post hospital discharge follow up in the community performed
  • Copy of asthma management plan given to school
  • Assessment of asthma triggers – in the home
  • Associated factors
  • Assessment of smokers in household (other than patient)
  • Personalised asthma action plan(PAAP) is incorporated in the template and can now be stored in the patient records and copies can be printed for parents and school.
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