Slough CCG is proud to bring Puffell to the people of our Borough. Puffell is created to help us all to be healthier and happier.

It’s a place that’s all about you and doesn’t just deal with one area of life but is designed to support our wider health and wellbeing.

Working with a number of partners including the Thames Valley Children and Maternity Strategic Clinical Network we have developed core areas on Puffell that we know will be helpful to people who live in Slough, these include Asthma and Viral Wheeze, young peoples mental wellness and post-natal care. These will all be online across the coming months.

The content is tailored to your needs and is available in smaller Apps called “decks”. You can choose which decks you would like to see at any one time and load the ones that are applicable to you.

Slough CCG are launching two Asthma decks, one that is aimed at children and young people under 14 and that is managed from a parents account and one for users over the age of 14. The asthma decks are a quick, fun and easy way to take better control of your asthma. Puffell provides support to help you understand and better manage your asthma. It offers tracking, the ability to think about and see the impact of triggers and a place to connect and share your experiences with others who are taking similar journeys with Asthma.

Puffell isn’t just for people who have medical conditions - it offers something for the whole family. Whether you are looking to get some support with a condition or just improve you lifestyle by getting a bit more active, losing a few pounds, eating a little better or drinking more water then Puffell has something to offer you.

Puffell is designed to be a positive place where the people of Slough can all join together, to support, encourage and work with each other to be healthier, happier and fitter.

Please join us on Puffell... is easy and completely free -

Click below to view a presentation about Puffell and how patients can benefit from it.


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